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My Daughter
Just 10 days ago my Daughter came into the world. Even tho I can only be a part of her life part time due to the fact that it was my ex who I created her with even a second with her is going to be the most unbelievable experience of my life. I love my boys intensely, fully, but a daughter brings out a new level of love. The essence of a warrior has come out through the love of their child. The intensity, the purity of the love is truly incredible. Looking at the picture I have of her I feel like there is nothing else in the universe. I have a need to wrap her up in a cocoon of love and keep her safe from all that is negative in the world. I do realise the futility of such a thing and also the effect it would have on her character even if I had the power to do such a thing. Our character, our strength is developed through adversity, the pain that we experience. All I can do is love her totally, unconditionally, and let her know how proud I am to be her father and just how much I believe in her. And be there to catch her when she needs me.


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