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Esoteric Fatherhood
I'm looking into the much more esoteric side of the martial arts. Have really developed an interest in Aiki and it's principles as well as the more  esoteric systems in ninjutsu. And their appears to be a similarity with them in certain aspects. Maybe the nature connection is what draws me to them. Maybe it is the connection with it that makes me the kind of father I am and am working on being. The interest I think is more pronounced now to the fact that I have now a perfect little girl I have to be there for. To protect not just physically but also spiritually, mentally, emotionally. The responsibility, the need, desire, hunger, to want to devote everything within you to want to have the qualities that you want your kids to seek to emulate, to look for in others. To be the man you want your boys to be and the type of man you want your daughter to fall in love with. Respect, empathy, unconditional love as a friend, partner. The true attributes of a warrior.


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